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Let Genie out of the Bottle!

The “eternal” alliance and “unbreakable bond” between Israel and the US is but the real threat, because it hasn't been used for peace in the Middle East, but for wars, killing and blood.
Let Genie out of the Bottle!


What a tragic-comic show by US President Barrack Obama and Israel's Premier Benjamin Netanyahu: the president of the first country which has ever started nuclear bombing of another country during World War 2 and premier of Israel which stockpiles tens if not hundreds of nukes. It was  a press conference between the president of the country which was built on the bodies and blood of the millions of Red Indians and the Premier of Israel, erected on the land of millions of innocent Palestinians.


Both leaders' bragging and showing off was clear. A flattery between both men for selfish interests was but the said. Two men with one identical stance addressing threats and ultimatum. They were two men living but in the past   unknowing that the time has been changed: Israel is no more the invincible, the USA is no more the unilateral supremacy. Obama's visit coincides with the catastrophic invasion of Iraq and its humiliating defeats along with its baby, Israel, in many places of today's global village.



'' Israel has a right to independently defend against any threat including the Iranian threat.'' according to Obama; Israel itself is the fatal threat even against Washington, which was once threatened by Bibi himself of being turned into a burning fire! Iran has every right to possess nuclear power for peaceful purposes and according to the rules and laws of the international atomic energy agency. Bibi has been threatening Iran; o.k. try it and ''let that genie out of the bottle'' and then  watch carefully, if your eyes were to be spared, the world map after such a folly.


The “eternal” alliance and “unbreakable bond”  between Israel and the US  is but the real threat, because it hasn't been used for peace in the Middle East, but for wars, killing and blood. The so-called US sponsor of Mideast peace process is busying itself nowadays with sponsoring sheikhdoms of petrodollars, Moslem Brotherhood, and every form of sectarian and ethnic divisions and Takfiri terrorism. If such a folly to continue, the USA, Israel and their ewes would definitely be the great losers.


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