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Lattakia: Dozens of Nurses Resign at Once

One of the nurses who resigned said that many are migrating to Iraq, Libya and Yemen, according to al-Watan.
Lattakia: Dozens of Nurses Resign at Once

Resignations from the government sector continue to be submitted due to the low level of salaries and wages compared to the requirements of living life. 31 nurses resigned at once. This threatens the collapse of the health sector in the governorate, which is witnessing continuous bleeding as a result of the migration of doctors and their abandonment of government hospitals. 

One of the nurses who resigned said that many are migrating to Iraq, Libya and Yemen in search of higher wages commensurate with their stressful work and experience. She noted that if the professional reality of the nurse is not improved, the option of resigning or leaving work and immigrating will be the only solution to face the harsh living conditions. 

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The nurses who resigned say they despaired of the Ministry of Health, which in April formed a committee to study granting them a 75 percent nature of work like other medical workers and considering this profession a dangerous profession. However, this committee has not finished studying it until today. 

Several nurses called for the need to activate the nursing syndicate in accordance with Decree No. 38 of 2012. This is in order to approve its internal and financial regulations, elect a head for the syndicate, establish a pension fund for nurses, and thus grant a pension from the updated syndicate if activated. This comes in addition to the importance of creating the post of deputy minister of health for nursing affairs, which contributes to addressing all the problems of the profession, they said.


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