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Kurdistan Democratic Party Accuses PYD of Forcibly Conscripting Kurdish Youths

KDPS member claims PYD is forcing young men to join its militias to meet needs amid ongoing clashes in Jarablus and Manbij
Kurdistan Democratic Party Accuses PYD of Forcibly Conscripting Kurdish Youths

The Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party announced that the fighters of the PYD organization (the Syrian branch of the terrorist PKK) are arresting dozens of the party’s sympathizers in Afrin in Syria and forcing them to join their ranks by destroying their homes with heavy weapons in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The party said in a statement issued on Monday that the PYD was putting pressure on the party’s members in the city of Afrin.

The party directed a call to global public opinion in a statement, saying: “The policy of the organization does not serve the interests of the Kurdish people, and so we call on international forces and human rights organizations and the concerned bodies to pressure the group to stop their practices.”

The statement said that the organization’s fighters had surrounded villages in the Rajo and Sharran sides of Afrin, and added: “We strongly condemn this pressure and call on the organization to stop the monstrous practices and respect the will of our people.”

Ibrahim Barou, head of the Kurdish National Council in Syria said in a statement published on his official page of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraq that the PYD was putting pressure against members of the council in areas under its control in northern Syria.

He said the group had released Islamic State fighters and regime militants but continued to detain 30 of its members, and accused them of not taking any steps to find a solution in this regard.

Nouri Breemou, member of the central committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Syria told Turkey’s Anadolu agency that the PYD was arresting dozens of young men in Afrin daily who opposed conscription. He said the young men were not about to leave Afrin because of the siege imposed on them by the PYD.

Breemou said that the PYD was in a difficult position militarily, saying: “The group needs militias to cover its needs in the ongoing clashes in Jarablus, Manbij and other areas and is trying to meet these needs by conscripting young men here (Afrin).”

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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