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Kurdish Politician Demands Agreement Between Army and SDF: Russian Action not as Should be

Farid Saadoun said that Erdogan was unable to launch a large-scale invasion, according to al-Watan.
Kurdish Politician Demands Agreement Between Army and SDF: Russian Action not as Should be

Kurdish political and academic activist, Farid Saadoun, said that confronting the attempt to invade Syrian territory by the Turkish regime and its militias, needs “strengthening of the home front” through an “agreement” between the Syrian army and SDF militias. He warned that the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could launch limited aggression in order to save himself from humiliation and succeed in the corresponding elections. 

In a statement to Al-Watan, Saadoun said that what the Turkish regime describes as the “safe zone” is the “most terrorist, conflicted, and bloody region. For days, we have noticed an armed conflict and clashes between the militias that Turkey supports there, and there have been deaths among these militias. It is a falsely and cynical “safe zone”, and this zone negatively affects the resolution of the Syrian crisis.” 

“The areas that Turkey threatens to attack are areas of SDF control. SDF was supposed to reach an agreement with the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Army to protect these areas,” he said. 

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He pointed out that “a week ago, there were several meetings under the auspices of Russian forces. This implies the conduct of joint patrols between the Syrian army and the SDF on the borders and the raising of the Syrian flag so that there will be a deployment of the Syrian army on the borders.” He described the agreement as “positive”. 

“The Turkish army has not given any consideration to the presence of the Syrian army. Therefore, Russian support is necessary, because the Russians can deter the Turkish army and prevent Erdogan from carrying out his plans. Unfortunately, so far the Russian move is not up to the required level,” he said. He called on Russia to “protect Syria from Turkish attacks.” 


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