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Israel Launches Powerful Attack on Southern Syria

Syria has shot down Israeli missiles near the administrative border between the Suweida and Damascus Governorates, reports Al-Masdar.
Israel Launches Powerful Attack on Southern Syria

The Syrian Arab Army announced this evening that its air defense units confronted several missiles that were fired by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) from the occupied Golan Heights region.

According to the army, as cited by SANA, “the Israeli enemy carried out, at exactly 10:42 pm on Wednesday, an air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan with bursts of air-to-surface and ground-to-ground missiles, targeting some sites in the southern region.”

The source clarified that the Syrian air defenses confronted the enemy missiles and shot down most of them, while some still managed to hit their intended targets. The source added that there were only material losses, however the Syrian Arab Army has yet to announce the total number of casualties.

A source from the Syrian Arab Army told Al-Masdar that the explosions mostly occurred near the administrative border of the Suweida and Damascus Governorates, which is the same area that was targeted by the IDF earlier this year.


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