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Iran Warns Syria’s Neighbors Against Military Intervention

Military intervention on behalf of Syria's neighbors would further complicate regional problems, says Iran's deputy foreign minister
Iran Warns Syria’s Neighbors Against Military Intervention

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian warned Syria’s neighboring countries against the repercussions of taking any military action, which would further endanger the security and stability of the region.

Speaking to Iranian Fars News Agency on Tuesday, Abdollahian said any military move by Syria’s neighboring countries on the border areas would further complicate the regional situation.

The minister made it clear that establishing a so-called buffer zone in Syria would not help solve the crisis, reiterating the need to instead adopt political means.

Earlier, Vice-President of the opposition Turkish Republican People’s Party Sezgin Tanrikulu said that Turkey under President Recep Erdogan has adopted a policy of ‘stirring up’ the Syrian crisis since its outset, voicing his opposition to any possible Turkish military intervention.

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