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Interm Govt. Decries Border Crossing Incident, Communications Minister Resigns

SIG issues statement condemning the "unacceptable behavior from uncontrolled military factions" wanting to prevent the government from entering Syria
Interm Govt. Decries Border Crossing Incident, Communications Minister Resigns

The Syrian Interim Government’s Director of Transport and Communications, Abbou al-Hisso, resigned on Thursday, a day after the Syrian administration of Bab as-Salamah border crossing prevented members of the exiled political opposition from entering Syria.

Hisso explained that he resigned due to the inadequate response of interim prime minister Ahmad Tohmeh, which "wasn’t at the minimum required level", adding that "what happened yesterday proves the government is unable to pass the crossing, so how could it would work inside Syria?"

The director concluded his written resignation by stating he "no longer feels he belongs to the government", adding he will return to service “when a new government or an alternative body is formed, because the current one is no longer feasible.”

Samer al-Ani, a member of the delegation, posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday the details of the incident at Bab as-Salamah crossing. Ani said that the delegation arrived at the Turkish side of the border crossing at precisely 10:00 am, and then moved to the Syrian side, where the director of crossing prevented the delegation from entering Syria.

The delegation waited in the office of the crossing’s director for almost an hour as he communicated with the head of the political office of the Levant Front via the Telegram messaging application. After waiting a further 20 minutes, an unidentified armed group then arrived at the crossing, resulting in the government delegation being refused entry.

The Syrian Interim Government issued a statement on Wednesday, condemning the "unacceptable behavior from uncontrolled military factions wanting to prevent the government from inspecting the site of a proposed safe zone,” emphasizing that what happened "will not deter the government from pursuing its work and making strenuous efforts to help [the Syrian] people face the tyrants, invaders and extremists."

According to the statement, the government was "shocked" and called for "the unification of the Free Syrian Army and the creation of a centralized national military institution under the command of the political leadership, in order to achieve the aspirations of Syrian people in freedom and dignity."

The government refused to accept the complication was the result of a lack of coordination with the civilian administration, adding the event was "ridiculous and reflects the mentality of those who consider seizing a crossing from the Syrian side to be like seizing a state."

The government stressed that preventing its access will "obstruct the great efforts exerted by the Syrian opposition to establish a safe area."

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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