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Interim Government Faces Heavy Attacks in Coalition Meetings

Interim prime minister calls for meeting to determine the fate of the discredited organization following allegations of widespread corruption
Interim Government Faces Heavy Attacks in Coalition Meetings

A senior source in the Syrian National Coalition confirmed that the Syrian Interim Government was criticized in the meeting of the General Commission of the Coalition currently being held near Istanbul.

The ministers of Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Communications and Deputy Prime Minister in the interim government provided a detailed report on the work of the ministries and the interim government, prompting a number of members of the coalition to criticize the reports and object the government's policies, while some members demanded the resignation of the government.

In response to the criticism, interim prime minister Ahmad Tohmeh called for a meeting between the interim government, and the presidential and political commissions to discuss the future of the government, leaving all options open, either to withdraw confidence and form a new government, minimize the current government, or dissolve it entirely.

The criticism comes as the interim government faces its biggest financial crisis since its formation. Although the government tried to cut the expenditure and reduce it staff numbers, it has been unsuccessful in overcoming the crisis.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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