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HTS Forces Idleb’s ‘Caravan of Light’ to Return

The caravan included about 200 people carrying their luggage and on their way to the borders with Turkey, according to Baladi News.
HTS Forces Idleb’s ‘Caravan of Light’ to Return

On Monday morning, the “caravan of light” set off from the Idleb region to the Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey to pressure the Turkish side to open the borders and direct them to European countries. The caravan included about 200 people carrying their luggage. 

Baladi News’ correspondent in rural Idleb said that the General Security Forces of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) pursued the caravan in the morning and stopped it on the Sarmada-Bab al-Hawa road. They forced the participants to return to their homes and threatened them with arrest if they didn’t comply. 

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On September 8th, thousands of Syrians launched a campaign to prepare a large convoy of refugees in Turkey to travel towards Europe under the name “Caravan of Light.” 

Activists on social media platforms called for joining the caravan, which aims to exit in large numbers from Turkey to Europe. They pointed out that the number of members of the convoy reached more than 80,000 from all Turkish states, in light of expectations of an increase in numbers. 

The activists stressed that the reason is due to the suffering of Syrians in Turkey through murders due to racist rhethoric against them, which have intensified during the past period, in addition to the poor and difficult living conditions. 

They appealed to international organizations, human rights organizations and the media to support and assist them in facilitating the humanitarian transit of the convoy to Europe.


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