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Haidar: Syria Embraces Political Process

Minister accuses U.S. of obstructing Geneva III
Haidar: Syria Embraces Political Process


State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, on Wednesday met Chinese Ambassador to Syria Wang Qi Jian, saying that the Syrian government is combating terrorism in tandem with realizing national reconciliation.


Haidar said that the government has been calling for reconciliation for over a year and a half, but the process is obstructed by lies by armed terrorist groups and countries hostile towards Syria that want a solution that suits their personal interests.


He noted that while Syria embraces the polticial process and the convening of Geneva 3, the U.S. has rejected these prospects, while the U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi colludes with it and is resigned to stalling Geneva III.


Haidar said that China's position was clear and firm since the beginning of the crisis, focusing on a Syrian political solution that prioritizes Syrians' interests.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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