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FSA Obtains Grad Rockets From ‘Foreign Backers’: Rebel Commander

The Syrian opposition claims to have obtained a large number of Grad missiles with foreign help
FSA Obtains Grad Rockets From ‘Foreign Backers’: Rebel Commander

Syrian rebel groups have obtained a “large” number of high quality Grad rockets from foreign backers, according to Colonel Fares Bayoush, leader of the North Division in the Free Syrian Army.

During an interview on the al-Arabiyah al-Hadath satellite channel on Wednesday, Bayoush added that “the number of rockets which we have obtained have been offered by a foreign country in response to the ferocious attack which the Russian and Syrian regimes are carrying out on Aleppo city.” He said that, “The rockets will be used in the battle against regime targets because their range reaches a good distance.”

The Syrian writer and opposition figure Maysar al-Sabeeh spoke to ARA News from France, saying, “Foreign grants to the Syrian opposition are limited and gradual. No effective weapons have been given by any friendly nation to the Syrian people. Indeed, most of them are light. The aim is to stoke the conflict without draining one side to the advantage of the other and maintaining the problem without a resolution.” He added that, “The opposition does not need weapons to deter so much as it needs weapons to end the Syrian tragedy.”

The Syrian regime, with Russian support, is carrying out its fiercest attack on Aleppo city in northern Syria in an attempt to eliminate the opposition’s presence there, according to experts.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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