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Free Alawite Officers Movement Uncovers Secret Military Sites on Syrian Coast

The movement claims there is a secret tunnel leading to Bashar al-Assad's palace, according to Baladi News.
Free Alawite Officers Movement Uncovers Secret Military Sites on Syrian Coast

The Free Alawite Officers Movement released a video on August 23rd, revealing the presence of Iranian forces along the Syrian coast, particularly in Jableh, the hometown of Bashar al-Assad. The video showcased a tunnel exit connected to an automated rocket launcher belonging to the IRGC militia.

According to the video released by the movement, the tunnel stretches from al-Jawfiya village, through Shaditi village, to al-Maysiya village. This tunnel reportedly leads to Bashar al-Assad’s palace, which allegedly houses a Captagon manufacturing facility. It’s also mentioned that the tunnel reaches the palace of Imad al-Assad.

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The video also disclosed the coordinates of a nearly three-kilometer tunnel in Qardaha village, Beit Zantout, utilized by Iran for drone production, ammunition storage, and weapon stockpiling. In addition, the video highlighted a nondescript building, suggesting that Iranian militias are attempting to conceal its purpose. This construction is suspected to be related to espionage efforts aimed at the Russian Hemeimeen base.

According to the video, the palace of Imad, a key figure in the Syrian regime, has now become the headquarters for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ command and officers. The former headquarters of Muhammad Tawfiq al-Assad, known as Sheikh of the Mountain, has been repurposed for meetings between Iranians and Asma al-Assad.

Aerial footage and coordinates in the video identify two locations, one as Asma al-Assad’s headquarters and the other as a Hezbollah militia headquarters housing a drug production facility. The Hezbollah guards are reportedly disguised as Republican Guard militia members.

The Free Alawite Officers Movement was founded in February 2018 and consists of military and security personnel who have not been involved in violence or destruction. The video displayed three individuals in military uniforms – two colonels flanking a brigadier general – all with concealed faces to protect their identities.

The recording was purportedly filmed in a mountainous region overlooking Qardaha in Lattakia governorate, Bashar al-Assad’s birthplace. Recently, the military council’s activities have intensified, with some of its officers participating in the National Liberation Movement conference in Afrin, northern Syria, on July 28th.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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