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Foreign Ministry Says Israeli Aggression Proves Support for Terrorism Groups

Syria says Israel launched a series of attacks near the Golan
Foreign Ministry Says Israeli Aggression Proves Support for Terrorism Groups


The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent  on Wednesday two identical letters to the U.N. Secretary General and President of Security Council saying that in a new, flagrant violation of the disengagement agreement of 1974, the U.N. charter and the international law rules, the zionist enemy launched at 6am four missiles from al-Sateh hill and al-Khwein in the Golan toward a school and mosque in the Hamidiyeh area and fired at 6:30am four tank shells towards the Hurriyeh site, in addition to fire from medium-sized machine guns toward Hamidiyeh at 7:10am.


Seven members of the Internal Security Forces and four civilians were injured in the Israeli attack.



"This aggression stresses once again reality of the zionist entity's direct involvement in backing and supporting terrorist groups and proves beyond any doubt the extent of existing coordination between zionist enemy and those groups," the Foreign Ministry said in the two letters.


It added that it had become "crystal clear that Israel doesn’t slacken in direct interference in support of its tools of terrorism to loosen pressure on them whenever it finds need, turning a blind eye to the repercussions of its hostile behavior, on top of destabilizing and creating an atmosphere of escalation and tension in the disengagement zone and its surroundings."


“The government of the Syrian Arab Republic, while submitting those events to Security Council, calls on it to condemn the Israeli aggression as a violation of the Disengagement agreement and international rules, as well as an escalation of tension and a state of disorder in the disengagement zone and its surroundings,” the letter said.


The ministry confirmed that a continuation of a number of Security Council permanent members to provide protection to Israel from punishment for its hostile behavior and  violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions, through the Council’s prevention of taking any action to condemn Israel for its repeated aggressions, would weaken the Council’s credibility as an authority responsible for keeping international peace and security.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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