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Fiore: Syria a Conflict Between ‘Civilization and Chaos’

Alliance of Peace and Freedom delegation meets with people assembly speaker to discuss the spread of terrorism throughout the Mediterranean region
Fiore: Syria a Conflict Between ‘Civilization and Chaos’

Head of the delegation for the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) in Europe Roberto Fiore said the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are atop of the countries involved in the conspiracy against Syria.

During a meeting with the People’s Assembly speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham on Saturday, Fiore said Syria is facing a blatant attack by extremism and terrorism, represented by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization.

The Italian politician described events in Syria as “a conflict between civilization and chaos”, stating that in their position as a delegation for peace and freedom, APF’s mission is to convince the European people to support Syria against this terrorism before it reaches Europe.

Fiore, who leads Italy’s ultra-conservative Forza Nuova (New Force) party, warned that terrorism had spread throughout the Midditeranean region, with ISIS’ spread to Lebanon, Libya, Spain and the Balkans.

Fiore told Laham that the APF delegation aims to hold a press conference in Europe on 16 June, in order to inform the public on the reality of events inside Syria.

The self-proclaimed fascist also referred to a plan to organize a media campaign against Saudi Arabia in protest of its support for terrorism.

Speaker Laham highlighted the important role which civil society institutions and peace activists could play, alongside the legislative institutions, in supporting the values of ‘love’, ‘peace’ and confronting extremism, terrorism, chaos and racial discrimination.

Members of the delegation were also supplied with a documentary revealing the crimes of foreign terrorists in Syria, highlighting the involvement of the Turkish government and regional intelligence in current events.


Edited by The Syrian Observer

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