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Far Right British Politician Nick Griffin Visits Assad

The head of the British National Party said his controversial fact finding mission was designed to highlight the risks in arming the rebels
Far Right British Politician Nick Griffin Visits Assad

Extremist right-wing leader of the British National Party has made a surprise visit to Syria to meet with Bashar Assad during a 'fact-finding mission' to the country.


Griffin’s visit to Damascus coincided with two suspected suicide bombings in the center of the capital which resulted in death of at least 14 people, according state media.


Posting on Twitter, Griffin said his visit to Syria aimed to highlight the risks of British support for Assad opponents, that which he said will plunge the country into the hell of a sectarian hatred, "like what happened in Iraq."


Griffin said that while there are "intermittent bombings," life in Damascus "is normal."


He said the traffic is heavy and shops are full of goods, while families "go out to walk in the sun,” also questioning the wisdom in "changing a secular stable country into a hell of sectarian hatred, like Iraq?"


In a comment that raised more questions about the double bombings in central Marjeh on Tuesday and the possibility of the regime’s involvement in them, Griffin said: "When I visited the site of the suicide attacks by the rebels this morning, it smelled like a dirty slaughterhouse…Hague wants the taxpayers to arm these terrorists!”



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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