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Democratic Front Accuses Muslim Brotherhood of Establishing Islamic State

Faiz Sara says election of Toumeh to head Interim Government was proof of the Brotherhood's agenda
Democratic Front Accuses Muslim Brotherhood of Establishing Islamic State

Head of the Syrian National Democratic Front, Faiz Sara, has described the reelection of Ahmad Toumeh as president of the Interim Government as "armed robbery", accusing the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria of seeking control over the institutions of the Coalition and the establishment of an "Islamic state". 


Sara told Saudi newspaper ash-Sharq al-Awsat on Saturday that the "attempt of the Muslim Brotherhood to control the institutions of the Coalition means to revive its primary project of establishing an Islamic state after it relinquished the project at a certain stage".


He stressed that his bloc would not accept such a proposal because "the Front has a project to establish a civilian and democratic state, and the Coalition was established on this basis".


Sara added that the Democratic Front, which opposed the reelection of Toumeh, "will not participate in the government and will drop it".


He said the bloc, which abstained from the elections, "will continue to work from within the Coalition to confront the alliance formed by the Muslim Brotherhood".


The vice director of the Syrian National Coalition, Mohamed Farouk Tayfor, told Massar Press last Wednesday that the accusation against the Muslim Brotherhood on the various issues has become "a political and international trend", adding that more members of the Democratic Front voted for Toumeh than had members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Tayfor said that among those who voted for Toumeh were: Michel Kilo, Muwaffaq Neirabiyeh, Nagham al-Ghadiri, Anwar Bader, Bassam al-Malik, Samira Masalmeh, Suhair Atassi and Akram Assaf.


Toumeh was elected fpr the second time as Prime Minister of the Syrian Interim Government in the elections conducted by the General Commission of the Syrian National Coalition last week in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, where he won 63 votes out of 65 votes, compared to only one vote for the other candidate, Yassin Najjar.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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