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Democratic Change Condition to Negotiate with Syrian Government: SDC

The SDC said that democratic change is an essential condition for it to negotiate with the Syrian regime, according to North Press.
Democratic Change Condition to Negotiate with Syrian Government: SDC

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) supports the Syrian people’s issue in fulfilling its ambitions, but it will not negotiate with the Syrian government if it does not fulfill the aspired democratic change, SDC said during a meeting, on Wednesday, that brought it together with activists, politicians, and intellectuals of Deir-ez-Zor, east Syria.

“The Syrian constitution of 1950 included articles to achieve political and economic decentralization, as a result of the popular demands that emerged at the time regarding this proposition that serves the country’s progress and development,” the SDC spokesman, Amjad Osman, said.

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“A group of factors hold the Syrian government to think that it is the winner without being concerned about the misery it caused to the Syrian people, believing that the military action is the better option,” Osman noted.

“But the reality in Damascus is totally different where there are major challenges and no party can win without completing the political solution and implementing democratic change,” he said

Responsibility for what happens in the country, according to the SDC spokesman, is due to despotism, the centralized system, and the rejection of any solutions or alternatives except the military option, which has proven its failure.

He pointed out that reconciliations cannot replace serious dialogue, as they are merely maneuvering to circumvent the political solution. “The Daraa experience has proven its failure.”

Osman stressed that they keep in touch with the U.S. and Russia to reach a unified vision to end the conflict in Syria and also with the democratic opposition.


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