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Darkness Descends Over Raqqa

Reason for the power cuts is disputed
Darkness Descends Over Raqqa

The city of Raqqa has been living in darkness for more than a week due to electricity rationing imposed by the Islamic State.


While some say the cuts are because IS has extended the electricity lines to areas further out, where the fighters of the organization have been relocated, others say the U.S. airstrikes are the real reason.


Activists denied this latter assumption because the attacks have not targeted the main electricity cables or generators.


Whatever the truth, it has imposed a state of suffering among the people of the city, especially since the rationing hours have now reached 20 hours per day.


Shop owners in Tabqa demonstrated against the electricity cuts and the poor living conditions.


Separately, IS websites declared that the organization has targeted the planes of the international alliance with missiles used for the first time since the beginning of the air raids on the province.


The news appears to corroborate earlier reports announced by IS fighters about "surprises" in the war and new weapons to be used by IS if the air raids intensified.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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