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Coordination Commission: Syrian Coalition is Several Coalitions

Details of future meetings between opposition and regional powers revealed by Coordination Commission chair
Coordination Commission: Syrian Coalition is Several Coalitions

Chairman of the Diaspora Branch of the Coordination Commission, Majid Hibbo, revealed in an interview with Ana Press the details of meetings between the Syrian opposition and international powers. Hibbo explained the Cairo Dialogue will be held on April 17 under the title the “General National Congress of the National Democratic Forces in Syria", while the Moscow 2 forum is set to be held in the second half of March.

Hibbo said a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, is scheduled within the next few days. The meeting, likely to be held next Tuesday, will not be only with the Coordination Commission, but also with the political committee which was formed after the Cairo meeting.

Hibbo pointed out that there are indirect meetings with Saudi Arabia through intermediaries from the Coalition to clarify some of the points discussed in the Cairo meeting, as well as calls from many European capitals to meet with the Coordination Commission.

As for the state of the Coalition, Hibbo said "the Coalition today is several coalitions. There are a number of power blocs that exist inside it, including the Qatari, the Saudi and the Turkish blocs – these blocs are subsidiary to regional countries. There is also the Damascus Declaration bloc, the Democrats bloc led by Michel Kilo, and the Muslim Brotherhood bloc. Thus, those who participated in the Cairo meeting do not reflect all the Coalition. The position of Michel Kilo, from the Democrats bloc, was different in the beginning, and then they began to look positively on the Cairo dialogue. The opponents of the Cairo document are now the Muslim Brotherhood and the Damascus Declaration."

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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