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Coalition of Forces for Peaceful Change calls to Prevent U.S. Threats

A statement issued Wednesday said the Russian initiative was on the right track to end Western pretexts for aggression
Coalition of Forces for Peaceful Change calls to Prevent U.S. Threats

The Syrian national opposition forces under the Coalition of Forces for Peaceful Change have called on all the national powers in Syria and the region and "peace-loving forces in the world" to continue their efforts to prevent the U.S. from carrying out its threats against Syria under the pretext of using the chemical weapons.


In a statement isued on Wednesday, the group said they consider that the latest political developments, particularly the Syrian approval of a Russian initiative is on track to end the crisis and as a way to guarantee the end of U.S. and Western pretexts to wage aggression against Syria.


"The approval of the Syrian authorities of the Russian initiative maintains Syria's national sovereignty," the statement said, asserting that cooperation with Moscow will put an end to the accusations that cemical weapons were used against civilians.


Leader of the People's Will Party, Qadri Jamil said that responding at any possible foreign aggression on Syria is a national duty as it expresses the will of the Syrian people.


Member of the Coalition, Ali Haidar also expressed readiness of all the Coalition to defend Syria, noting that "we are soldiers to defend Syria's borders, territorial integrity and unity of its people."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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