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Assad Troops Expelled From Daraa Strongholds

Rebels declared the liberation of the strategic fort, in a blow to Assad's army
Assad Troops Expelled From Daraa Strongholds

Armed opposition forces managed to capture some 54 regime soldiers and seize a number of vehicles, machine guns and batteries in the area of Tel al-Jumuh, which has been besieged for more than fifteen days.


The armed opposition groups named the battle 'The Battle of Yarmouk Khalid'. According to a statement by Captain Abu Hamza al-Nuaimi, the commander of the Southern Front, the rebels took control from over the hill came after fighting three unsuccessful battles.


The hill is considered the last bastion of the Assad regime in the west of Daraa province and the south of Quneitra. It was controlled by the largest brigade in Syria because it is on the front line facing the whole western region bordering Israel in the Horan, and links the main road between Taseel and Nawa.


After the announcement of the formation of a joint operations room that includes major military factions from southern Syria in Daraa and Quneitra, the rebels declared the liberation of this strategic fort, a step considered a blow to Assad's army.


The military significance of the hill is based on the infantry battalion supported by anti-aircraft units, tanks and artillery. The battalion was considered an advanced operations headquarters during the wars and it has contributed in the siege of Nawa, as well as being a launching point for the regime's army attempts to regain control over Tel al-Jabiyah.


Major Abdul Latif Al-Horani, the commander of the first artillery unit told All4syria: "After several attempts to storm the hill, we succeeded. It is important to us militarily and humanely. Militarily, to protect our backs from regime's forces and Hezbollah militias which have been trying to fortify their position up the hill to regain control the city of Nawa. Humanely, because the artillery and mortar up the hill were shelling the western villages. The hill leaves 80% of the western region of Daraa uncovered."


Captain Nuaimi said there were some wounded soldiers among the 54 prisoners, while others are in good health. They surrendered after they run out of ammunition and under the blows of the opposiition militants. They will be prosecuted according to international law.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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