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Assad Tells His Staff: We Are Ready for Them

Bashar Assad appears certain of victory
Assad Tells His Staff: We Are Ready for Them

Damascus is hot cell. Communications and meetings with allied capitals do not cease and the national spirit is drummed up for motivation in the face of confrontation.


Today more than ever, the external nature of the crisis in Syria and plot working against the country is clear to all.


In his latest meeting with staff and leadership, President Bashar Assad told them:"Since the beginning of the crisis, you know well that we have been waiting for this moment, when the real enemy reveals himself through intervening in our country."


"I know that your morale is high and you are ready to confront any aggression. But I challenge you to convey this morale to your employees and to all Syrian citizens."


"This is a historical confrontation from which we will come out victorious."


Syrian sources, familiar with the highest decision-making circles, said those speaking to Assad in this climate of an expected battle are somewhat confused about the source of this courage and his certainty of victory; is it a personal determination, or is it built on facts and data?


The source said the way in which Damascus faces this aggression will be revealing.


Syria formulated a vision of confrontation that consists of three steps, the source said: To contain the aggression, respond to it by striking in a painful place, and to make sure that the U.S. or NATO will not dare deploy their armies on the ground.


Observers in Damascus expect that the NATO will wage a war similar to the Yemeni example and not the Libyan campaign.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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