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Assad Says That Idleb Agreement Is Temporary

During a meeting of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Assad said that the deal in Idleb was temporary and that they would take control of all Syrian territory reports Damas Post.
Assad Says That Idleb Agreement Is Temporary

On Oct. 7, 2018, the central committee of the Arab Socialist Baath Party held a meeting headed by the party’s national secretary, President Bashar al-Assad.

According to SANA, President Assad presented the latest developments of the political situation and the situation in the field. He said that what was happening in Syria could not be separated from what had become known as the “deal of the century”, saying that this matter was as old as the Palestinian cause, but had accelerated recently, in the hopes that it would benefit a number of countries and the Israeli enemy.

President Assad added that what had recently been witnessed, in terms of Western hysteria before the battle for Idleb, sprung from the fact that a Syrian victory would lead to a failure of their plans in Syria. The return of Idleb to government control would be more dangerous for them than what they had faced when confronting the regime.

Regarding the Idleb agreement, President Assad said that the position of the Syrian state was clear. This province and other remaining Syrian territory, under the control of terrorists, would return to the Syrian state’s protection, and that this deal was a temporary measure through which the state has achieved a number of gains in the field, importantly avoiding bloodshed.

President Assad said that every time we advance toward victory, Syria’s enemies will bolster their attempts to make the country bleed militarily, politically, economically and socially, and therefore we face internal challenges no less dangerous than the war.

Within this framework, President Assad said that we are embarking on a battle to rehabilitate some segments that had been incubators for chaos and terrorism, so that they never again become an opening through which Syria can be targeted in the future.

President Assad stressed that the Baath Party needed to play a role in addressing the consequences of the war and carry out a deep study of society and the changes which have affected it, and put forward their visions, which will be circulated in the community and will harmonize rhetoric, practice and dogma in order to be able to reach various segments of society.

President Assad closed with the need to focus on the work of the party’s central committee and to activate its role to ensure that all proposals which were put forward during its meetings could be clearly and responsibly implemented within a specified timeframe. He stressed the need to create dialogue mechanisms and to continue that which contributed to the easing of the establishment of better mechanisms to make decisions at the leadership levels of the party.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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