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Assad: French Foreign Policy Responsible for Suffering of Syrian People

Western countries, including France, continue to support and provide political cover to terrorists, Syrian president tells visiting French MPs
Assad: French Foreign Policy Responsible for Suffering of Syrian People

President Bashar al-Assad has accused France of prolonging the suffering of the Syrian people by continuing its support for terrorists operating inside Syria.

Speaking at a meeting with French MP Jean-Frederic Poisson and an accompanying parliamentary delegation on Wednesday, Assad stressed that terrorism and extremism are a global phenomenon that knows no borders and should be dealt with, adding that many regional and Western countries, including France, are still supporting and providing political cover for armed terrorist organizations in Syria.

Assad highlighted the role of the French institutions, particularly the French Parliament, in correcting their country’s policies to work towards the security and stability of the Middle East.

According to the president, the two main causes of the suffering of the Syrian people are terrorism and the damage it causes to infrastructure, combined with unjust economic sanctions imposed on Syria, which have negatively affected the living standards of all citizens, especially in regards to health care.

For their part, members of the delegation stressed the need to unify efforts in confronting terrorism, highlighting the need to adopt a different approach regarding Syria, as current Western policies have failed to put an end to the four-year war.

Delegates said that as Parliament members, they will spare no effort to change their country’s current policies regarding Syria in a manner that would contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people.

President Assad met with Poisson earlier in July, where he underlined the important role French and European politicians can play in correcting Western policies towards Syria and the region.

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