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Assad Issues Law No. 4 To Raise Construction Sector Productivity

Assad seeks to increase productivity in the construction sector through establishing vocational training centres, writes Al-Watan. 
Assad Issues Law No. 4 To Raise Construction Sector Productivity

President Bashar al-Assad has issued a new law aiming to boost professional talent in the labor market and raise productivity in the construction sector.

Law No. 4 of 2021 will establish vocational centers specialized in construction training in the various governorates, in order to stimulate the construction sector’s contribution to the GDP and raise the quality of project implementation. 

In a phone call with Alsouria Net, the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Suhail Mohammad Abdullatif, explained that Law No. 4 of 2021 aims to provide the construction labor market with qualified professionals who have graduated from specialized institutes spread across the governorates. This will contribute to raising the productivity of the construction sector and would result in increasing its contribution to the GDP, according to Abdullatif. 

The training is academic and scientific, and includes curricula and learning modules that improve the quality of project implementation, which is key for the upcoming stages.

Abdullatif added, “The law is an amendment to Law 24 of 1974. According to the new law, the centers were transformed from temporary centers to permanent ones, which gives them a permanent and more credible character. The centers’ work is not limited to training and graduating new trainees; they are also equipped to train employees and company professionals who can enroll in special courses to develop their skills and gain new techniques. The monthly stipend for trainees, which was 100 Syrian pounds, has been increased to 10,000 pounds, which could potentially be amended based on the minister’s proposal and the approval of the prime minister. 

According to the new law, “the training period can be a part of the trainee’s actual service if they so desire. The training period is usually nine months, a period determined by the permanent committee and stipulated by law. The training period can be deducted from the trainee’s service period regardless of whether they decide to join the public or private sector, provided that they pay their social insurance premiums. The aforementioned constitutes the most prominent points that have been amended according to the new law,” said Abdullatif.


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