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Arrest Campaign Against NCC

The arrests could be seen as advancing Hassan Abdulazim's position within the NCC
Arrest Campaign Against NCC

A member of the Syrian-based opposition group, the National Coordination Committee (NCC), Munzour Khaddam has accused regime authorities of arresting a member of the administrative board of the "Anti-Zionism National Association".


In a statement published on the NCC media office Facebook page on Thursday, Khaddam said: "The detention campaign against members and supporters of the Coordination Committee is still ongoing."


"Member of Anti-Zionism National Association, Fatima Muhii ad-Dine Salim was arrested Sunday morning at the Dabbusieh checkpoint on her way to Lebanon," the statement said.


It is worth noting that the detentions reflect positively on the position of the head of the NCC, Hassan Abdulazim, who has been heavily criticized recently. The detentions could be seen as advancing his position as a president of the group, while most of its members are either detained or killed,  as is the case of Adnan Wahbe.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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