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Anti-Refugee Party Excluded from Turkey 2023 Elections

The Victory Party did not meet the requirements to run in the elections, according to al-Souria Net.
Anti-Refugee Party Excluded from Turkey 2023 Elections

Turkey’s Supreme Election Council has announced the exclusion of the Umit Ozdag (anti-refugee) Victory Party from the list of parties allowed to run in the next legislative elections in June 2023. 

According to the local Haberler website, the Supreme Election Council has announced the parties with qualifications to participate in the elections. Umit Ozdag’s Victory Party has not been included in the list because it has not met the requirements for the next elections. 

According to the legislation, parties that have completed their organization in 41 states are required to hold their major conferences. Six months have passed since then, and the Victory Party has not completed the required quorum. 

The number of parties eligible to participate in the 2023 elections was 27, up from 24 in the last 2018 elections. 

Victory Party 

It is a Turkish political party, with an extremist right-wing ideology, led by Umit Ozdag, who has been waging a stinging attack against Syrian and foreign refugees residing in Turkey for several months. He has been demanding their expulsion and restoring Ankara’s relations with Bashar al-Assad’s regime. 

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The party was founded on August 26, 2021, and the party headquarters is in the capital, Ankara, and it has a sole representative in the Turkish parliament, its president, Ozdag, who defected from the Good Party last year.

Umit Ozdag, a Turkish politician of Dagestan origin, was born in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, in 1961. He was a member of the National Movement Party and then was expelled from it in 2008. He joined the defected Good Party of the National Movement before he resigned from it also in 2021.


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