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Ala: Syria’s Sovereign Right to Restore Entirety of Golan Non-Negotiable

Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala has said that Israel would be unable to maintain control of the Golan without the support of the US and other hostile states writes SANA.
Ala: Syria’s Sovereign Right to Restore Entirety of Golan Non-Negotiable

Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN and other international organizations in Geneva, said that the people of the occupied Syrian Golan are still committed to their homeland and their Syrian identity, despite the methodical violations of their basic rights at the hands of the Israeli occupation, which seeks to sever their ties with their motherland.

In a statement at the 40th Human Rights Council session on Monday, Ala said that the discriminatory and punitive practices of the Israeli occupation against the people of the Golan are a blatant violations of civil, economic and social rights. 

He noted that the occupation has escalated its attempts to consecrate its occupation of the Golan and have its illegal decision to annex the region be acknowledged, with increasing attempts to impose its laws on the people of the occupied Golan as well as increasing settlement activities.

Ala said the Israeli occupation couldn’t have carried out its illegal practices without the protection provided by the US and its allies, adding that the recent statements of US Senator Lindsey Graham during his visit to the occupied Syrian Golan with the Israeli Prime Minister show the level of contempt the US has for international law. 

He said the Human Rights Council must force the Israeli occupation to respect the rights of the people of the occupied Syrian Golan and hold those who violate these rights accountable, adding that those who defend the occupation’s racist and extremist practices are complicit in them. 

Ala stressed that Syria’s sovereign right to restore the entirety of the occupied Syrian Golan is non-negotiable and does not have a statute of limitations. 

He also reiterated Syria’s support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to establish their independent state with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital and the right to return.


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