Book Documenting the Stories of Syrian Detainees in Lebanon’s Prisons

The book delves into the disturbing collusion between Lebanon's security authorities, with Hezbollah at the forefront as Iran's influential tool in the region.

A group of former Syrian detainees, who were released from Lebanese prisons, have documented their harrowing experiences in a compelling book titled “Rebirth – Some of the Stories of Syrian Detainees in Lebanon’s Prisons.”

This impactful narrative, presented to them by esteemed lawyer Haitham al-Maleh, unveils the grim reality faced by Syrians who found themselves incarcerated in Lebanese prisons. The testimonies within the book shed light on undeniable facts, including the torture endured in prisons and detention centers, and rampant corruption within the legal and judicial systems affecting Syrians.

The book delves into the disturbing collusion between Lebanon’s security authorities, with Hezbollah at the forefront as Iran’s influential tool in the region, and the oppressive practices of the Syrian regime. These practices have forcibly displaced a significant portion of the population globally.

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Spanning 110 pages, the book provides an introduction that defines dictatorial regimes conspiring against the region’s people. It explores the journey of seeking asylum in Lebanon, humanitarian efforts and relief activities in the country, the circumstances leading to detention, the arduous journey of dispersal and suffering across Lebanese prisons, methods of torture and ill-treatment, detailed descriptions of Reyhanli and Roumieh prisons, the events that transpired within them, and the response of Lebanese security authorities.

Additionally, the book addresses the conspiracy against detainees, the fabrication of charges, the recruitment of agents by Lebanese authorities under the guise of Islamists, the collusion of these authorities with the Assad regime, and the process of liberation from prison leading to rebirth.  

The author speaks 

Concerning the concept behind the book, its author, a former detainee in Lebanon, Omar Abdullah Jamoul, shared with Zaman al-Wasl that the primary aim of this groundbreaking work was to capture the testimonies of numerous detainees. The book, the first of its kind, seeks to document their harrowing experiences and the agonizing journey of torment endured in the depths of prisons, orchestrated by individuals either Syrian or Lebanese, trained by the Syrian regime and equally culpable in their criminality.

Audio Testimonials 

Our informant further conveyed that the motivation behind penning the book is not to let our experiences go unnoticed or be buried in the depths of oblivion. He explained that, following a stroke of divine intervention, he found himself in Turkey, where he reunited with several former prison companions. Together, they embarked on recounting their prison experiences through audio recordings. Subsequently, he diligently transcribed and rephrased these accounts into classical Arabic, rendering them suitable for publication.

The source unveiled that the book is enriched with clandestinely captured photos from within the prison, skillfully taken away from the watchful eyes of prison authorities and tormentors. It also provides comprehensive information about the prison investigators, including officers, operatives, and executions, along with details about Lebanese personalities associated with prisons and the various forms of torture inflicted upon Syrian detainees – practices that continue to persist. These include brutal beatings with metal sticks, electrical cables, and plastic pipes.


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