Suicide Rates on the Rise in Assad-controlled Areas

A report from the pro-Assad regime website Global has revealed a 90% increase in suicide rates, according to Damas Post.

A report from the pro-Assad regime website Global has revealed a concerning surge in suicide rates, with 127 recorded cases by the end of September, marking a staggering 90% increase compared to the same period last year, as reported by pro-regime media outlets.

The study underscores the alarming rise in suicides, surpassing 90% in comparison to the previous year’s 64 cases during the same timeframe. Additionally, the report highlights a 20-30% increase in suicide rates in Syria compared to the pre-war era.

Psychologist Heba Moussa attributes the majority of suicides to challenging economic conditions, citing poverty as a significant stress factor. Emotional causes, marital disputes among females, and the struggles of adolescents, including academic failures, were also identified as contributing factors.

Moussa further emphasized the role of narcotic pills such as Captagon pills in the escalating crisis. She noted a disturbing connection between the rising use of these pills, particularly among young people, and an increased propensity for suicide. According to Moussa, individuals addicted to such substances are predisposed to suicidal tendencies.

It is noteworthy that the peak of suicide rates was recorded in 2020, reaching 197 cases, with no substantial measures implemented to address the underlying conditions leading to these tragic outcomes.




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