Moral Degeneration Prevails in Lattakia

Some people in Lattakia think that the rising cases of young girls' abductions is part of a plan by the regime to displace the original inhabitants of the city

Unknown gunmen have kidnapped two young girls in front of the Assad Hospital on Eighth of March Street in Lattakia, while the security men in the vicinity looked on.


The large number of kidnappings in the area mean other witnesses failed to react, while life returned to normal after the kidnappers' car disappeared.


One eyewitness told al-Quds al-Arabi that "Gunmen disembarked from a black car and forced the two girls to get into it. The people in the neighborhood reported the story without any reaction because of the large number of abductions in the city".


Abu Mohammed, a resident in the city said, told al-Quds al-Arabi: "I studied history, and I have noticed that that there is a period of degeneration for each nation, but the word degeneration does not even reflect enough what is happening in Lattakia".


"Assad seeks to displace the indigenous people of the city. The arrests and abductions of young girls are only one episode of a displacement plan pursued by Syrian security forces in the coastal cities," he said.


"Immigration is the talk of the town these days in Lattakia, Jableh and Banias," Abu Mohammed said. "Everyone wants to emigrate, but the destination is different depending on the circumstances. Some are forced to get out quickly to escape the military service, some fear that they might become a target for the regime and its supporters, and some have lost their jobs and they have no option left but to migrate".


Abu Mohammed explained that "even the neutrals" do not have any options, as they are are also waiting for security clearance (travel permission) to get to Turkey.


"No one can possibly live under the security grip which makes the husband fear to speak to his wife about politics. There is no solution but to leave to neighboring countries, which began to close their doors in the face of Syrians," he said.


"The moral situation is in decline," a doctor told al-Quds al-Arabi, adding that "there is a fear of the spread of prostitution on a large scale due to the absence of any religious or moral guidance."


"The supporters of the Syrian regime, especially Shiite militias, legitimize what they see fit, without any accountability to those who commit the unethical actions," he said.


The security forces certianly know everything that is going on in the city, but their biggest concern is to prevent any sign of opposition against the Syrian regime in Lattakia. However the situation has became unacceptable and it is impossible now to live with dignity and humanity in these areas.


The doctor pointed out that the rate of births of babies to unknown fathers has become normal, in addition to the illegal cases of abortion carried out in private clinics without the knowledge of the authorities. In the Syrian coast, in every house there is a story and each story is tragic, but these stories remains secret for fear of more suffering.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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