Asma Assad Celebrates Aamal Foundation’s 10 Year Anniversary

"When we say that Aamal benefited 46,000 people in 10 years, we also have to say that 30,000 of them were affected during the war," says Syria's first lady

The humanitarian efforts of Syria’s first lady, Asma al-Assad, have been ceaseless for more than five years of war waged by foreign-backed terrorists.

In the footsteps of her husband, Mrs Assad braves every danger, moves from Homs, to Lattakia and Suweida, to where she would find a bereaved citizen to console, whether it be a mother, sister or brother to stretch out a hand of oneness, unity and humanity.

Speaking at the 10th anniversary for the Syrian Organization for the Disabled (Aamal), which coincided with the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, the first lady remarked on the institution’s progress over the years since beginning of the war.

''The importance of Syrian Organization for the Disabled – a pioneering institution – comes from its concentration on preparing new cadres in an academic and professional manner,” she noted.

She noted that this is what makes Aamal a pioneering institution, the strength of which comes from its expertise and performance, especially during the war, because it has increased the need for such specialists in the field, “for the issues are now much harder, complex, and important,” she added.

''We stand with every child born with special needs, we support them throughout their school years, all the way until they complete their university education, and to continue their life the way they are supposed to.”

“We stand with every child and every family hurt by this war and we support them to carry on to the best of our abilities. As for those who sacrificed a part of their body for their homeland, our homeland, the homeland will stand by them,” she declared.

She added: ''When we say that Aamal benefited 46,000 people in 10 years, we also have to say that 30,000 of them were affected during the war… when we say that more than 160,000 people graduated in the past 10 years, we also have to say that nearly half did so during the war years.”

The Syrian Organization for the Disabled is a nonprofit NGO founded at the behest of the first lady. It has so far helped more than 46,000 people, most of whom are children. Under its supervision, more than 160,000 young women and men have graduated from Syrian universities specializing in providing services to people with disabilities.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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