Damascus Crime Statistics: Thefts Account for 12 Percent of Cases as Sex Crimes Drop

Loyalist outlet says recorded instances of rape are at 'modest' levels while murders number 70 for the first half of 2017

Figures for the current year issued by the Damascus Criminal Court revealed the number of cases related to theft and violence were over 150 — that is, 12 percent of the total cases viewed in Damascus, which totaled to more than 1,200 cases.

The figures which Al-Watan obtained a copy of said that 272 economic cases were reviewed by the Fourth Criminal Court, as is appropriate in this type of case, indicating that many of the cases were related to theft of public funds, negligence or misappropriation.

The figures showed that there were 35 cases related to bribery, noting that there are many related cases which are still being reviewed by the investigative judiciary and which will not reach the Criminal Court until other judicial measures have been taken, such as investigation and transferal.

The figures indicated a large increase in the number of crimes related to forgery over the current year, up to 130, without noting the numbers from the previous year, adding that the number of cases related to circulating foreign currency reached 10 cases.

The figures recorded a clear decline in the number of cases of antiquities theft compared with previous years, with the number of cases not exceeding 17. It noted that the previous years recorded widespread activity of antiquities theft, including the smuggling of about 16,000 antiquities to Turkey.

There was a notable decline in the number of cases related to prostitution, which did not exceed three cases. A judicial source said that the reason for the decline in Damascus is related to the arrest of certain figures who had been accused of facilitating the trade, adding there were no longer networks working on a large scale in this field. The source told Al-Watan that the role of the public prosecutor and the judges had played a large part in reducing the crime of prostitution, which was still one of the most dangerous crimes threatening society.

The figures showed that the number of cases related to rape reached 18, a modest number indicating a large decline in this type of crime, while the number of murder cases reached about 70, whether premeditated, accidental, or intention to kill.

The figures showed that the number of crimes of theft this year reached 300 cases while drug dealing reached about 250 cases, indicating the numbers of this crime have not seen a decline or increase.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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