Campaigners in Suweida Try to Stop Looting in Daraa

Looting that is carried out by regime soldiers is frequently gone unpunished reports Alsouria

Alongside the regime military campaign, Daraa province has seen widespread looting and “ta’afeesh” carried out by fighters and officers from the Assad regime and the National Defense militias, which has pushed activists and residents from Suweida province to try and help prevent these violations as much as they are able.

Activists have recently circulated on social media dozens of video showing electrical appliances and household goods that were stolen when the regime and its militias entered the towns and villages of the Daraa countryside.

“Say NO to looting” and “I won’t buy it” are campaigns and hashtags launched by activists on social media that aim to shine a light on the violations of regime fighters and to expose those responsible for it.

Activists have also launched the “Don’t Loot: We See You” page on Facebook at the start of the month, with images of cars loaded with stolen goods and the names of traders and stores who deal with regime fighters and militias who have carried out looting.

People have been leaving comments on the page, supporting the content, which had helped limit looting, according to the comments.

The campaign was not limited to publishing photos and exposing looters, as those in charge of the “Don’t Loot: We See You” page said that they would submit a list of names of looters they had documented to the judiciary by way of the relevant lawyers.

Typically, looters are above the law and outside the scope of accountability because they are regime officers or work to their benefit.

On Monday, Druze religious leaders in Suweida forbade dealing with any stolen goods, whether buying from or selling to “ta’afeesh” dealers, saying that this practice was contrary to the religion.

The statement called on what it referred to as the “relevant authorities” — in an indication of the Assad regime — not to allow passage of these goods or the establishment of centers or markets for them in the area.

The fight against looting in Suweida province has not been limited to social media campaigns, as recently a car loaded with looted goods was burned by unknown people.

The Suweida 24 website said that the car belonged to a member of the regime and was loaded with goods looted from residents of Daraa province.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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