Opinion: Letter to the September 11 Families Association

The same “Takfiri” ideology which found its way to your country on 9 September, 2001 has now come to ours

We would like to introduce ourselves, for we, in a way, are mirror reflections of yourselves. We too have lost loved ones through terror, and we too have had our whole lives changed.


We are Syrians living in Syria and we are victims in our own country. Terror has hit our country violently in the form of looting, kidnapping, raping and killing.


The same “Takfiri” ideology which found its way to your country on 9 September, 2001 has now come to ours, causing massive destruction. It didn’t stop at massacres or terrorizing innocent civilians, but also hit on our infrastructure, preventing us from receiving free education and medical care by attacking schools and medical facilities and turning them into military bases.


The same Jihadists groups came into our country with the aim of establishing and spreading an Islamic Caliphate from Syria throughout the world. In this state there is no place for citizenship or human rights, and there definitely is no place for women. There is only a place for beheadings, executions and Shariah courts!


Our message to you is simple and clear: Please stop these Takfiri groups from becoming more and more powerful. Your government is aiding and abetting these groups – something that we in Syria find completely incomprehensible. Are they not the very same people who conducted the 9/11 attacks? Why, then is the American government and its allies in the west funding these groups? Why then did the U.S. lose so many of its young men in Afghanistan? Was it not to fight terrorism? Did those soldiers die in vain? These are only some of the questions that Syrians are asking.


Let us form a unified front against terrorism regardless of its place, goal or color.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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