Editorial: The Syrians Are Defending Syria Against “al-Qaeda Terrorists”

When an end is put to billions of dollars flowing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, we can solve the problem in a few months

Once the multi-national terrorism ends in Syria, there will be no more a crisis. The solution is simply to end foreign backing and logistic support to the Takfiri terrorists of more than 80 countries worldwide.


It is indeed as-Assad stated to Der Spiegel Magazine that Killing innocent people and terrorizing them by explosions and car bombs, brought to our country by al-Qaeda, is what causes pain and fear to the Syrian people.


We "needed to confront terrorism; it’s the duty of the government to defend the country and take the relevant decisions to that effect,'' said President Al-Assad to Der Spiegel, asserting that What concerns the Syrians is but their country, which they are defending against al-Qaeda terrorists that have been attacking them for months.


The terrorism against Syria, with all of its components, infrastructure, heritage, culture, state and people should be eliminated. We have no other choice but to defend our country, to trust and believe in our victory and in saving our great Syria.


When an end is put to billions of dollars flowing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, when Turkey stops its logistical assistance to the terrorists, then we can solve the problem in a few months. And by then, the Syrians would restore stability.


That’s why we must get rid of the terrorists, of their ideology that has infiltrated certain areas of Syria, because it is more dangerous than terrorism itself, underscores President al-Assad to Der Spiegel, pointing out that such a rotten ideology has encouraged even an eight-year old boy to slaughter a man while adults and children watch and cheer as if they were watching a football match.


Unfortunately, all the decisions taken in the West for the past ten years have been in support of al-Qaeda, whose mentality and danger are even more grave than the chemical weapons. Some countries in the West might have supported al-Qaeda intentionally and some inadvertently. In any case, and through Western support, now we have thousands of al-Qaeda fighters from 80 countries.



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