A Call For a Direct Dialogue with Alawite Sheikhs

It's up to the wise men and patriots to find a political solution

Given the intractability of a military solution to the conflict in Syria, forces and figures of the silent majority have demanded a dialogue be held between the two parties with the help of Arab or international community and halt the massacre in which more than 90% of the victims are civilians.


With the failure of political negotiations in Geneva, and the disagreement among the political opposition, divided according to the countries supporting them, we demanded that dialogue with the leaders of the armed opposition forces because they are the decision-makers on the subject of a ceasefire. Those who hold weapons are different from those who depend on words.


But one of our Alawite national comrades from Hiffeh has rejected a dialogue with armed forces because, he says, the ratio of madness among them does not permit it.


"Leave the military of the regime, because those who shed the blood, either following their own beliefs or following orders, will not negotiate. They dream of a victory over the other party, and the armed groups in the opposition want to eliminate the whole Alawite sect. If you want a space for rationality, the political opposition supported by national figures known for their wisdom and moderation should negotiate with the Alawite sheikhs, the sheikhs of tailors, blacksmiths and others, and among those you can find some wise men looking for a solution that does not regard all the Alawites as part of the military," the sheikh said.


I asked the sheikh whether he has the ability to convince the military and whether the military carry out the peaceful decision of the sheikhs.


"Yes," our comrade answered: "75% of the military forces will, and that percentage can be increased."


"How can we extend the bridges between the two parties and gather them at the table of internal and secret national dialogue?" I asked him.


He replied that "There are Alawite and other national and moderate leaders whose hands are not contaminated with blood and they didn’t accept it. Those leaders will make the connections".


I asked him whether he believed the sheikhs will accept being a party to substitute the regime military without being afraid of the reaction of the regime, and the sheikh replied that: "No one terrorizes the sheikhs and I think they are looking for a solution just like all the patriots concerned with the unity of the country."


"There are no wise men in control now, only the lunatics are covering the squares with blood and cry like crows in the media. We need a rational space to think about what is beyond arms as a solution, a space to penetrate, at least partially, the case of insanity from both parties.  I think there are wise sheikhs who need to communicate with rationalists on the other side. Come to them and let aside all of your thoughts that all of them incite and support. Most of them are looking for a solution and you have to extend the bridges directly to them, there you will find more than one Saleh al-Ali committed to the national unity of the country," he said.


After this serious talk, I call on both the Syrian National Coalition and the National Coordination Commission to call for a national meeting with the sheikhs anywhere and anytime under efforts to prevent the division of Syria, stop the killing and to agree on an internal political solution.
Will the opposition call for this meeting and will our sheikhs accept?


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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