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Syrian actors

Kurds hold their second conference on Thursday

The Kurdish National Council (KNC) will hold its second conference on January 10 to discuss the Kurdish position vis-à-vis Islamist groups and other Kurdish groups.

Internal opposition joins the external one in rejecting Assad’s plan

Hasan Abdul Azim, Coordinator –general of the National Coordination Commission (NCC) rejected in a press conference he held in Damascus any “direct dialogue or negotiations with the regime,” stressing that negotiations can only happen through the UN Envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi.

A new pro-government caolition: dialogue the only way to end the Syrian crisis; the army is a red line

The National Current to Salvage Syria said in a statement issued at the conclusion of its founding conference on Thursday in Beirut that the coalition called for exposing the flagrant human rights violations by extremist groups in Syria and divulging the connection between the Doha Coalition and the terrorist al-Qaeda-linked groups, pointing to incontestable documents in this regard.

Maan Movement calls for the release of political prisoners

Maan (Together) Movement, a civil society group, called for the release of all political prisoners from the Syrian prisons and detention centers, and focuses on recent campaigns waged by the government to arrest activists from the Syrian Communist Action Party.

Daily Round-up: 1-1-2013

136 martyrs, including 6 women and 16 children. 42 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs; 44 in Hama, including 23 martyrs from the village of Maan and 16 from Hasraya.

Syrian security forces arrest a human rights Lawyer

Syrian security forces arrested on Sunday Majdoline Hasan, a female lawyer who has been active in defending political prisoners and took part in the Syrian revolution since the first days in March 2011.

Syria says will respond to any talks on ending conflict

Damascus will respond to any initiative that could solve Syria’s 21-month conflict through talks, its premier said on Monday, after peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi announced he had a plan to end the bloodshed.

Raqqa Emergency Appeal

The Building the Syrian State Current (BSSC) calls on all the local forces and international actors to do what they can to prevent an imminent humanitarian catastrophe.

Entering subsistence

One of the main questions surrounding the Syrian uprising at the beginning of 2012 was if and when an economic collapse would occur. As the year draws to a close, the question has instead become whether one can still talk of “a” Syrian economy as such.

LCC daily brief 4/11/2012

By the end of Sunday the LCC managed to document 234 martyrs in Syria (including 17 women and 11 children), 100 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs (including 9 martyrs who were field-executed in Sbaina, 22 martyrs due to shelling of Yarmouk Camp and 5 martyrs due to Warplane shelling on Kafarbatna), 42 martyrs in Idlib, 31 martyrs in Daraa (including 23 martyrs due to massacre in Sad Road), 35 martyrs in Aleppo, 14 martyrs in Homs, 4 martyrs in Deir Ezzor, 4 martyrs in Hama, 3 martyrs in Lattakia and 1 martyr in Qunaitra.