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Operation: Unification Flag in Daraa

Opposition forces will participate in operation to gain control of strategic road connecting Daraa and western Ghouta
Operation: Unification Flag in Daraa

The Islamic Muthanna Movement announced today the launch of military Operation: "Unification Flag", aimed at opening the road from Daraa to the western Ghouta in order to break the siege around the city of Kanaker.

The Movement said in a statement published on its official Facebook page that its military operation aims to take control of Tel Merhi, Tel as-Sarjah, Tel al-Arousah and ad-Danaji.

The Islamic Muthanna Movement's operations room includes several military factions of the armed opposition, namely: the Islamic Movement of Al-Muthanna, Ansar as-Sunna battalion, Saad battalion and al-Umma al-Wahida battalion.

Several forces will participate in the operation, including al-Nusra Front, Fajr at-Tawhid, the First Army, the First Legion, the Road to Damascus, Fateh ash-Sham, in addition to the Ahrar ash-Sham Islamic Movement.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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