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Kurdish Forces Conquer Hill in Raqqa

Kurdish and opposition forces regain strategic hill south of Kobani
Kurdish Forces Conquer Hill in Raqqa

Kurdish forces backed by opposition groups seized a hill inside the Syrian ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, after “bloody” clashes according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Observatory added that the Kurds and other local opposition fighters had taken control of a hill inside the province of Raqqa to the south of Kobani.

The gains are considered significant, as opposition forces have entered Raqqa for the first time, where 35 ISIS fighters and four members of the Kurdish forces were reportedly killed in the clashes.

The Kurds have also regained control of around 163 villages in the countryside of Kobani, three weeks after liberating the town from ISIS.

According to the Syrian Observatory, hundreds of fighters from other forces, including the Shams ash-Shamal Brigade and Raqqa Rebels Brigade, have joined the Kurds in battles to control the areas surrounding the town.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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