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Syria, Indonesia Agree to Strengthen Tourism

Damascus and Jakarta plan to increase tourism through marketing and by correcting prejudiced views of events inside Syria
Syria, Indonesia Agree to Strengthen Tourism

Syrian Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi met with Indonesian Ambassador Joko Harianto in Damascus to discuss preliminary steps to enhance tourism between the two countries through marketing programs and tourist investment.

During the meeting, minister Yaziji called on Indonesian news agencies and tourism offices to visit Syria, preparing for peacetime tourism while correcting the distorted image circulated by Western media on the reality of events inside the country.

Yaziji confirmed the cost of tourism in Syria is still amongst the cheapest in the world as many places inside the country are witnessing large tourist turnouts, claiming the Syrian government always protects its heritage while its army offers sacrifices to keep Palmyra and Aleppo’s ancient cities safe.

The Indonesian ambassador told SANA after the meeting that people in his country pray every Friday for peace in Syria, adding “our people know the reality of what is going on.”

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