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Farouk al-Sharaa Emerges From Detention

Bashar will not be pleased with the statements of his “deputy” and he will only smell the stench of betrayal. Indeed, Al-Sharaa said that, ever since Bashar accessed power, the state institutions have become weak and inert. This statement means that Farouk al-Sharaa rejects any personal responsibility for the degradation of the situation in the past decade on the hands of the young president who accessed power amidst promises of an early “Damascus Spring.”

Syrian VP: We are convinced that the clock arms shall not go back

“The various opposition forces – whether armed or civilian, or linked to foreign powers – cannot claim they are the sole legitimate representatives of the Syrian people,” he added, calling for confidence-building measures between the regime and the rebels.

MP killed in a rebel attack

A member of parliament was killed in the explosions that targeted the Ministry of Interior in Damascus Wednesday

Canadian Global Research: Washington’s Death Squads Caught in the Act

Secretary Clinton announced recently that Washington is re-organizing the front of the armed terrorist gangs in Syria, which means according to the Global Research that it will withdrew its support to the Istanbul Council (the Syrian National council), in signals to the American readiness to interfere after the American elections.

The Damage Done by Playing for Time

The damage done by playing for time has extended to areas outside Syria in the last two months. The members of the alliance supporting Assad, from Russia and Iran to Lebanon, have found the opportunity to play off the regional situation; they have taken steps, whose importance varies one country to another.

Terrorism Migration

These countries do not realize that even if they make some profit now, using terrorism for their benefit, they will soon be victims of the very terrorism they support now.

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