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Paris Admits Extremist Threat in Syria

Foreign ministry says infighting between opposition groups is worrying
Paris Admits Extremist Threat in Syria

French Foreign Ministry Spokesman Philippe Lalliot admitted that the extremist groups in Syria pose a threat to developments in Syria and neighboring countries.


“We are worried over mounting violence between extremist groups and the other armed opposition groups in Syria,” Lalliot said in press statements on Thursday.


In a climb-down from earlier stances by France in support of terrorism in Syria, Lalliot said that France has demanded blacklisting the Nusra Front in Syria as a terrorist group, but continued to draw a line between “good” and “bad” terrorism, announcing that his country sees it important to increase support to the “moderate opposition.”


France, along with Britain, seeks to increase support to the rebels, but was at odds with Czech and Austria who opposed lifting an EU arms embargo on sending weapons to the Syrian opposition, who described the move as a “miscalculation,” as backing international terrorism often backfires on its sponsors.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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