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We Will Not Allow U.S. to Determine Syria’s Future: Mekdad

Mekdad blames the Coalition for the failure of the fist round of talks
We Will Not Allow U.S. to Determine Syria’s Future: Mekdad


Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad said Sunday that the coalition delegation of the so-called "opposition" do not have a nationalistic sense, but in fact represented a group of agents that work for foreign powers.


"I was not surprised at the decadency they exhibited, which is not in keeping with the core of Geneva," Mekdad said in an interview with al-Ikhbariya TV on Saturday.


"The Syrian official delegation expressed readiness to discuss all aspects of GenevaI while the other delegation showed decadency and lied to the Syrian people," Mikdad said.


He said the other delgation had shouldered the responsibility of failing to reach any outcome, having rejected the principles of Syria's unity, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and working for the restoration the occupied territories.


"The Syrian official delegation, on the other hand, went to Geneva to make the conference a success through halting the bloodshed, preventing foreign interference and combating terrorism," Mekdad said, adding that the conference constituted an opportunity for Syria to express the reality of the events taking place for three years.


"We did not evade discussion of the GenevaI communiqué at all; we said that we will discuss it starting from the first point, that is, ending  violence and terrorism befor emoving to the other points. We are ready to do that, as we have our files and documents," Mekdad added.


Syria's Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari meanehile said that the coalition delegation came to Geneva with presuppositions based on incorrect data and on personal grudges against the state, not a political opposition program.


In an interview given to the Syrian TV on Saturday, Jaafari said that during eight days of talks in Geneva, the coalition did not present any political vision or program, nor did it show any sense of responsibility. From the first moment, they said they wanted to discuss the transitional governing body, acting in subordination to those who think for them, putting them on the back foot and creating a massive difference in the performance between them and the Syrian official delegation.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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