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We Reject Geneva II as Platform of Division: Sabra

Sabra suggests current conditions are not conducive to a successful settlement
We Reject Geneva II as Platform of Division: Sabra

The head of the Syrian National Council (SNC) George Sabra has confirmed the opposition's rejection of the Geneva II as a platform to deploy opposition forces against each other and divide Syrian rebels into “moderates” and “extremists”.


Sabra told Qina News Agency in an exclusive interview that "Syrians don’t see in Geneva II a real opportunity to reach a political solution for what Syria suffers from since three years.”


Sabra said he believed the general atmosphere of current international diplomacy contradicts with what was included in Geneva I, which emphasized the need for a transitional body with full powers, including presidential, so that Bashar Assad will have no role in the transitional stage or in the future of Syria.


Answering a question about the date for the conference and the possibility of holding it at all, Sabra said: “We can't see a realistic possibility to hold the conference in the current local, regional and international circumstances.”


He added that "we completely refuse to turn the conference into a platform to employ the revolutionary forces against each other or to divide them into moderates and extremists, terrorists and politicians,” he said.


Sabra said Assad and his regime gain the most from this, as they will use it to stay in power as long as possible, and that “other effective international parties will use this opportunity to divide the rebels, which may lead to the abortion of the whole revolution.”


Sabra added that the Syrian opposition will not go to Geneva II unless there are true guarantees, because the regime doesn’t want a political solution, as it knows that it will only lead to its downfall, and that he will try to avoid it through the conference.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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