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Vatican Meets with Syrian Ambassador

Latest developments in Syria and region discussed in Vatican meeting
Vatican Meets with Syrian Ambassador

Syria’s Ambassador to the Vatican, Hussam Eddin Ala, met with the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, to discuss the situation in Syria, particularly in light of the growing threat of global terrorism.


Cardinal Parolin expressed Pope Francis’s concern for the situation in Syria, and the risks its people faced; mainly in the humanitarian field as acts of terrorism and violence continue to target workers.


Parolin stressed he believes that dialogue between the Syrians is the only solution for the crisis in Syria.


Ala appreciated the Pope’s prayers for peace to prevail in Syria, praising his rejection of foreign interference and threats against Syria.


He pointed out that regional and international developments justify the Syrian government’s position as it continues to warn against the threat of terrorism elsewhere.


He asserted that combating terrorism requires the collaboration of regional and international efforts to compel countries sponsoring terrorism to abide by the UN Security Council’s relevant resolutions, particularly No. 2170 and 2178.


Ambassador Ala stressed the Syrian Arab Army’s victories against armed terrorist groups and the success of the national reconciliations’ efforts contribute to restoring stability, generating an appropriate atmosphere for a national dialogue among Syrians aiming to fulfill the aspirations of the Syrian people – independent of foreign interference.

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