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Syria Calls Upon Citizens to Return Home

The Syrian state wants to ensure that other countries do no hinder the return of Syrians to their homeland reports SANA
Syria Calls Upon Citizens to Return Home

Syria has called on citizens who have been forced, by war and terrorist attacks, to flee to the safety of another country to return to their homeland after the liberation of the majority of areas which were under terrorists’ control.

Speaking to SANA, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the Syrian state calls upon Syrian citizens who have sought refuge elsewhere to return home in light of the successive achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and the liberation of many areas from terrorism, whether by military operations or reconciliations, which led to the return of many internally-displaced people to their liberated villages and areas.

The source added that while the government affirms that it is responsible for its citizens’ security and safety and providing their needs for a decent life, they also stressed the need for humanitarian organizations and the international community to shoulder their responsibilities in this regard and make voluntary return for Syrian citizens possible.

Syria stressed that the international community and international organizations who pretend to care about the interest of the Syrian people are also called upon to lift the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people, the source said, stressing that these measures were an additional reason for the Syrians to leave their homeland in search of a better life.

The source concluded by saying that the Syrian government and its people are now unifying their efforts to remove the effects of the terrorist war that targeted Syria, stressing that the reconstruction of Syria will be by the hands of the Syrians themselves.


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