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Syria Response Coordinators Assess Damage in Northwestern Syria Camps

Syria’s northwestern refugee camps experienced 22 fires and 97 coronavirus cases in January, according to Etihad Press. 
Syria Response Coordinators Assess Damage in Northwestern Syria Camps

On Tuesday, the Syria Response Coordinators team published statistics regarding the disasters that occurred in northwestern Syria camps during the month of January. 

The team said, in a statement on its Facebook page, that “the number of fires that broke out in the displaced persons camps in northwestern Syria during the month of January reached 22. The fires caused the death of a child and injured seven other individualsincluding three children and two women. 

According to the statement, the number of positive coronavirus cases in the camps in northwestern Syria reached 97 in January.

The team added that “the first rainfall that struck the region on Jan. 14, 2021 caused damage to 23 camps, including 49 tents. Moreover, 107 tents were partially damaged. The number of affected individuals reached 8,834, while no lives were lost.” 

According to the response team, the second rainfallwhich took place on January 17resulted in damages in 308 camps and the complete destruction of 2,098 tents. The number of partially damaged tents reached 5,833, affecting 109,713 people. A child died and three were injured. 

The team explained that the third rainfall, on Jan. 29, 2021 led to the damage of 72 camps, the complete destruction of 211 tents, and the partial destruction of 614 tents. The number of affected individuals reached 4,946 during that time frame, and a child was injured.


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