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Production at Sweida Grape Distillation Factory Halves

Production at Sweida Grape Distillation Factory Halves

The situation in Syria is to blame for the massive reduction in production at the Sweida grape distillation factory, which is now at half the level of last year.


According to a report issued by the factory, this reduction is a result of a range of factors. Firstly transportation between governorates has become problematic. In addition, carbon and glass, which the company uses for its products are no longer available, although the company has currently managed to overcome this by signing a contract for one million bottles.


"On the other hand, production in the first half of this year was planned at 1,280 cubic meters of alcoholic drinks (Arak and wine), but what has been actually produced doesn’t exceed 372 cubic meters, with a total value of 95 million SP,” the factory's Director of Planning, Imad Melhem said.


Company profit this year reached about two million SP.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer.




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