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Rebels Break Siege Around Nawa in Deraa

Several Islamic factions took part in the battle called "Give Good Tidings to the Patient"
Rebels Break Siege Around Nawa in Deraa

Syrian rebels took control over  the town of Sukkariyah and Tel al-Jabiya, the  headquarters of Brigade 61, located northwest of Nawa on Thursday morning.


The move followed the announcement of the launch of th battle of Wa Bashsher Assabirin (Give Good Tidings to the Patient), with the participation of several Islamic military factions including the Nusra Front.


The battle aims at breaking the one-year-siege around the city of Nawa, as well as to control Tel al-Jabiya, which contains the headquarters of Brigade 61, northwest of Nawa in the western countryside of Deraa.


Violent clashes between the rebels and regime forces took place in the region and rebels targeted the headquarters of the regime with tank shells and mortars.


The rebels were able to damage a tank and three heavy machine guns. After six hours of clashes, the rebels managed to control the town of Sukkariyah, adjacent to Tel al-Jabiya from the western side, and then progress to the bunkers stationed on Tel al-Jabiya. They then took full control of the hill and the headquarters of Brigade 61 located on the eastern slope of the hill.


The headquarters represent the largest strongholds of the regime in the region, and are responsible for the bombing of cities and towns surrounding them. The Information Office of Ahrar ash-Sham movement announced 40 soldiers were killed from the regime's army, including one Lebanese fighter during the battle.


Activists broadcast on YouTube video clips of the rebels combing the jungles and the hilltop of Tel al-Jabiya. They also broadcasted a video clip of tanks, missiles and thermal anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons seized from the headquarters of regime's army. After rebels took control of the region, six air raids of regime's military aviation targeted the top of the hill and the surrounding areas.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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